Politically Inspired Book Club

Interested in human rights and social justice? Unsure as to the direction of our political, social and economic institutions?

And are you looking for fellow humans to meet and encourage learning and help inspire change?

Politically Inspired Book Club meets in the San Francisco bay area. In this book club, we encourage each other to learn more, discuss ideas, challenge each other and teach each other. Together we explore nonfiction, memoir and fiction books that we collectively choose.

We meet in cafes or bookstores in the Mountain View/Palo Alto area.

The environment we hold for our discussions is open and compassionate. Recognizing and honoring the different beliefs and political viewpoints, and seeking best to understand and explore. Six principles for dialogue:

6 principles common to most dialogue and circle groups guide the conversations:
. Suspend judgment as best you can
. Respect one another
. Seek to understand rather than persuade
. Invite and honor diversity of opinion
. Speak what has personal heart and meaning
. Go for honesty and depth without going on and on

Let’s get Inspired!

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