Fast Food Workers to Strike May 15! Support Local Workers at these 16 Fast Food Joints in Mountain View

Thousands of fast food workers will go on strike in 150 cities on May 15 including cities such as Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, and Sacramento. Organizers also expect hundreds of workers to go on strike in some cities like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York City.


And What about Mountain View Workers?

There are many fast food chains here in Mountain View. If we hear of any actions that are planned they will be posted! In the meantime..

Show your support to these workers by signing the petition. Stop by your local fast food joint ask them if they have heard of the strike and how you can support them!


* Cards to let local workers know about the strike
* 15 Steps to Planning the Strike
* Petition for fast food higher wages

List of Mountain View Fast Food Joints


Fast Food MV


Can fast food chains  afford it?


For example, one worker in Denmark says: ““In Denmark, McDonald’s pays me $21 an hour and respects our union, so I was surprised when I heard workers in the US had to fight so hard for just $15 and better rights,” said one Danish worker who plans to protest on May 15.” -



Sign the Petition:


Fast Food NY-

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