Obama to Speak at Mountain View Walmart!


Obama calls for citywide minimum wage increases in his State of the Union speech in 2014

In his State of the Union address this year, President Barack Obama urged cities and states to bypass Congress and enact their own minimum wage increases. “You don’t have to wait for Congress,” he stated.

On Friday, May 9th at 9:55am, Politically Inspired Action and Raise the Wage Mountain View coalition groups will rally at the Mt. View Walmart (rally begins at 9am at El Camino and Showers) to let President Obama know that we support his State of the Union call for cities to enact city-wide minimum wage measures, and to let him know that Mountain View and six other Northern California cities (i.e., Sunnyvale, Oakland, Davis, Eureka, Berkeley, and Richmond) are involved in city-wide minimum wage campaigns.

Silicon Valley should be a leader in both technological innovation, as well as social innovation.  That is why we are welcoming President Obama to Northern California, the heart of the city-wide minimum wage movement in the nation.

At the rally, we will also be discussing, Mountain View City Council’s recent decision to put our city-wide minimum wage issue on this year’s agenda, and we will be calling up upon the City Council to pass an ordinance by January 1st, 2015 that will raise the minimum wage to $10.15 or higher mirroring San Jose’s successful model, and that it should be indexed to the CPI.

The coalition of groups standing in support of a raise in the minimum wage in Mountain View include: Politically Inspired Action, OUR Walmart, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Fool’s Mission, and Campus Alliance for Economic Justice (Café J).  We welcome President Obama to our city!

Rally Schedule:

8:30am Affinity groups meet at Showers and El Camino
9:00am: Rally begins Showers and El Camino
9:30am (approximately): Speakers/Program & March
9:55am: Obama Speaks
11am: Opportunity for press to talk with local groups about movement

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President Obama to speak at MV’s Walmart

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