June Meetup: What is gender?

Hello Politically Inspired People!

shesnotthereIf you didn’t get a chance to read this months book She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders, or if you would like to explore more of the societal aspects of trans culture, please check out some the of the articles and links below:

  1. Even if you haven’t kept up with the Kardashians, you’ve probably seen this month’s cover story of Vanity Fair. If for some reason you haven’t yet viewed the breathtaking photo of Caitlyn Jenner, you can see it here, along with a sneak-preview of the article (full article to be released TOMORROW — Tuesday, June 9th).
  1. Trans issues and story lines are becoming more pervasive throughout our society and popular culture. Read an article here that discusses some of the current TV shows that feature transgender characters and actors.
  1. This article showcases the barriers transgender people face when it comes to surgery, as compared with the scant obstacles cisgender people encounter for similar surgeries.
  1. So, what is it like to undergo sex reassignment surgery? Watch this video to follow the stories of two people who decided to make this significant choice.
  1. Here is an NPR audio article outlining the fluidity and non-binary understanding of gender, as well as the ramifications of being a transgender (or gender non-conforming) student.
  1. Here is another audio article about the emotional hurdles transgender people face as they are socially transitioning at work, and how having an ally can change everything.
  1. If you’re curious to know more about the terminology used to classify and reference the range of LGBTQ expressions, you can see it explained here by a gingerbread cookie:


(Incidentally, Sam Killermann, the man who created the Genderbread Person, is a hilarious comedian and TEDx Speaker, whose routine explores societal prejudice and bias surrounding gender identity and gender expression. I highly recommend Googling him, and checking out more of his work.)

Okay friends, I apologize for the long litany of resources…I tend to become overly zealous when it comes to trans-issues. I could throw a bunch more articles and links your way, but I’ll stop with what we have for now….

Meghan and I look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, for a riveting discussion!

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