community-158529Politically Inspired: Books, Dialogue, and Action

Politically Inspired is a grassroots community organization dedicated to the promotion of community empowerment through conscious dialogue circles, and community action and mobilization focused on addressing social and economic justice issues on a local level. Politically Inspired is based upon the belief that meaningful change occurs when on a local level when people are invited into collaborative discussions and engage deeply on issues that impact all of our lives.

Politically Inspired Book Club hosts discussions on a wide spectrum of political issues and current events, encouraging a model for coming into community that facilitates a deepening of knowledge, and connections that empower collective action. Politically Inspired Action works on local social and economic justice issues of the minimum wage, affordable housing, and human rights. Further work includes bringing in speakers to empower collective dialogue on how to effectively address social justice issues facing the community.

Politically Inspired Action initiated the successful movement for a raise in the minimum wage in Mountain View. The local movement has been grassroots and empowered through a growing coalition of groups calling for the next step throughout the region of $15 by 2018.