Mountain View Council Sets Goal of $15 in 2018!

Minimum Wage to Match San Jose’s as a First Step

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Oct, 10: – Late last night, the Mountain View City Council voted 6 to 1 to set a goal of raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2018.  The City Council would like this to be a regional effort and will begin to work with neighboring towns like Sunnyvale and Palo Alto to come up with a regional plan to raise the wage to $15 an hour.

In addition to setting the goal of $15 last night, the Mt. View City Council passed an ordinance that will raise the wage to $10.30 by July 1 of 2015 indexed to the cost-of-living to match their neighboring city of San Jose.

Council chambers last night were filled to standing room only as people came with signs that said “we support you” to demonstrate their support for a $15 minimum wage.

Mountain View has seen skyrocketing rents and cost of living while simultaneously facing a crisis of economic disparity. In the past year there has been a 300% rise in homelessness. In October of 2013, a grassroots movement grew rapidly spurred by residents of a local political action group, Politically Inspired Action, who was soon joined by a coalition of groups that includes local activist groups, national economic justice organizations, labor groups, and community service agencies.

There has been a groundswell of support from the population at large. At the public input forum on September 6th, there was unanimous support voiced where residents and workers called on City Council to consider joining the movement in the Bay and Country to a $15 raise. A Chamber of Commerce survey also revealed majority support for a raise, including 46% supporting $12.

Everyone who works hard deserves a fair wage. Mountain View stands as a city that is both the heart of technological innovation as well as economic disparity in our country. The people of Mountain View and the City Council are ready to tackle the economic crisis of low wage workers head on and bring neighboring cities with them.

Raise the Wage Mountain View Message and History

ZCommunications » Deregulation Ruined the Economy in 2008, Not High Wages

Deregulation Ruined the Economy in 2008, Not High Wages

By Joanne Knight, May 13, 2014

Our small band of minimum wage activists joined the throng outside of Walmart in Mountain View, California, on Friday May 9 to try to catch the eye or ear of the President. We also wished to show our disapproval of this clear demonstration of the captivity of democracy to corporate forces. Many issues were represented that day: anti-drone, anti- Keystone XL pipeline, OUR Walmart and even anti-Obama. It was vibrant, exciting, and inspiring. A strong sense of solidarity pervaded. But we did not even catch a glimpse of Obama. I am currently involved in a campaign to increase the minimum wage in Mountain View. The campaign has been opposed by unexamined economic thinking and neoconservative political ideology. Right-wing politicians at all levels seem blinkered in their economic views with a willful ignorance of the full complexity of the economic arguments.This view is reflected in the response I received from a Mountain View council member opposed to increasing the minimum wage. He argued that “low skill jobs are not intended for long-term employment with a guaranteed minimum income… Most of those who earn more income get education, job training, improve language proficiency and perhaps take second jobs.” Since the Great Recession, low-wage jobs have grown nearly three times as fast as better paying jobs, according to the National Employment Law Project. The reality is that low income employment is a growing part of the US economy…

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Activists gather outside Walmart for Obama appearance – SFGate

by Vivian Ho

05-09 09:55 PDT MOUNTAIN VIEW — Activists and schoolchildren gathered outside a Mountain View shopping center Friday in anticipation of President Obama’s visit to a Walmart there.Obama appeared at the store shortly before 10 a.m. to give a speech touting renewable energy initiatives. He selected Walmart because the chain has been working to boost its use of green energy…

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