Raise the Wage Campaign


On October 9th, Mountain View City Council Raised the Wage to $10.30 and Set a Goal of $15 by 2018!

It will give businesses customers with more spending money.
It will grow the economy for everyone — and we can do it right now.
And bottom line, the majority of Americans agree…

Someone who works hard and plays by the rules deserves a fair wage!




Politically Inspired Action Mountain View stands with the people of Mountain View in advocating for a raise in the minimum wage that will be indexed to the cost of living and begin in January of 2015. We believe that a full-time worker’s income should secure food, housing, education, health and child care, and transportation. No one who works should live in poverty.

Minimum_Wage_3A Success in San Jose! Next up… Mountain View!

Some people voice concerns that a raise in the wage could hurt the economy and small businesses. San Jose passed a higher minimum wage last year with tremendous success, putting many fears at bay and showing our community what is possible in Silicon Valley.

Resources on Raising the Wage:

An abundance of research, stories, poll results, and question and answers is available at raisetheminimumwage.com. Please follow the below links to learn more.


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Why We Should Raise the Minimum Wage