Brainstorm! Creative acts

In what ways might we on the peninsula use creativity to capture public attention?

In what ways might we on the peninsula use creativity to capture public attention?


Burn credit cards


Paint freeway bridges

Make banner across El Camino Real

Declare a “don’t pay my debts day!”

General Strike

Have a Cough-In

Smoke pot together

Hack the internet

Habitat for humanity

Climb the tallest redwood tree and shout

Re-elect both Bushes

Spoken word poetry events

Use magicians with money tricks

Hire airplane, hang banner, throw phony money at people in front of bank.

Theme song; Saturate the air waves

Creative street theater

Advertise using the blimp at Moffett

Paint our message on bank’s window

Involvement with schools

Make it rain inside the bank


Facebook shut down

Flash marathon

Invent our own money for Peninsula

Throw Parties

Stop traffic

Hand out granola bars


Celebrate Castro Street Independence Day

Empower students

Poetry slam on the streets

Involve the children at local school– a protest of cuteness & bring puppies

Release balloons with our message inside

Teach the teachers

Dress up as girl scouts and sell Occupy Cookies

Make babies at Planned Parenthood

Corporate cage fighting

Social media buzz

Formation dancing in public

State commission on corporate contributions to inequality

Declare the end of capitalism

Bring people together: upper and lower income for meets



Use clowns

Personal stories

Create a vocabulary

Art pictures

Flash mob

We are the 99% blog

Fancy YouTube

Create iPhone app

Skywrite our message and drop balloons

Burn money

Music concert

Take over fortune cookie printing– insert our message

Clever ads in media

Start an Occupy Tribe

Use and sue the government

Community volunteering

Facetious ATM screen stickers

Start Occupy Garden

Skywriting our message

Cash mob

Line El Camion: ALL of it

Start a local Burning Man

Doer parade on Castro street to celebrate independent republic

Dog brigade

Independent republic

General strike to make occupie

Visiting banks

Photo exhibition at coffee shops

Create a twitter like platform for just Occupy Mountain View

Form educational committees

Group napping

Shut down Stanford for a week

Dress up wealthy and ask the homeless for $

Eat 20 waffles

Don’t eat for week

Preach how dumb education is (satire)

Local currency

Farmer’s market human mic

Food truck

Sell OccuPies



Dance music

Human machine: live exhibit on the plaza

Human chains around banks, government buildings


Formation clown dancing

2 thoughts on “Brainstorm! Creative acts

  1. Hey guys! Hagana here, sorry won’t be able to make the salon tonight.

    But I had an idea – we all hate Goldman Sachs, but there’s really nothing we can do about it, since it’s not exactly like McDonald’s which we can just boycott. But Facebook’s getting a little IPO ready right?

    Why don’t we try and start a movement on Facebook asking Facebook to boycott goldman for their IPO? The lead underwriter for the IPO is (I think) JP Morgan Chase, but Goldman is involved too, and sure all the banks are almost equally bad, but I think this is a rare opportunity where we can make a statement that there will be consequences for consistently screwing both your customers and the country.

    It may not take much more than a few catchy slogans on a picture that we can share with our friends on Facebook. The success of Facebook’s IPO is dependent on how many users they have at the time of the IPO, and if enough people threaten to boycott Facebook unless they cut out Goldman Sachs, it could really hurt the valuation they get from the markets.

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