Occupy Locally

In this salon we explored what it means to bring Occupy Wall Street to a local level. We read an article in The Christian Science Monitor entitled “Occupy Wall Street, Act II: Go local.” Together as a group we had a lively dialogue regarding different aspects of what it means to Occupy on a local level. As one participant shared, “If it wasn’t local, it would be anywhere.” A broad theme was that of the dialectic nature between the local occupations and their national implications (and international).
-February 7th, 2012

Dialogue Snippets
“Occupation is about uniting.”
“We ARE the alternative.”
“There is more agreement than we think in this country.”
One thing that we can agree on… “is that we should come together.”

A mind map of the dialogue:

A question for further exploration: 

“How do we tie local actions to larger visions and goals that strategically address structural problems?”

The Article:

Christian Science Monitor

Occupy Wall Street, Act II: Go local

By Gloria Goodale, December 5, 2011

With many encampments razed or in jeopardy, Occupy Wall Street needs a second act. For now, many activists are settling on issues of concern to local residents. Will that weaken the movement, or strengthen it?